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Facing the prospect of divorce can be overwhelming and seem like an insurmountable mountain to climb. Our team at Divorce Matters® is here to help. We understand there are a ton of questions swirling around in your head right now. We know it feels like there is a lot of uncertainty about your future and confusion about what you should do. You might be asking things like:

  • What are the specific Denver laws that will affect my divorce? Do I need to be a Colorado resident to get a divorce? How long will it take? How often will I need to go to court, and where?
  • What will happen to the side business that I run, or our home, or any other assets we own?
  • Who will have custody of my children? What if my spouse wants to move out of state after the divorce?
  • How can I support myself financially? Will my former spouse be required to pay alimony?
  • What should I do if I’m being threatened by my spouse because I want to leave?
  • Should I try mediation or a collaborative divorce?

Each person’s situation is unique. Your divorce will have specific aspects that another person’s divorce will not. This is why hiring a divorce attorney with extensive experience is so important.

Our team at Divorce Matters® has helped over 1,000 families across Colorado get past their divorce and on to a fresh start. Each divorce attorney at our firm is deeply familiar with all of the potential variables that may be at play in your situation, as well as the nuances of Colorado state law. We are committed to being strong, but compassionate, advocates for you. We can offer guidance through all the legal aspects of your divorce, including: mediation, asset distribution, child custody agreements, child support arrangements, and alimony obligations. We can answer the daunting questions you have and help craft a creative solution to ensure a stable future.

We understand this is one of the most difficult times of your life, but there is hope after divorce. Let our team help you reach your goals, protect your well-being, and create a better future for you. It is our mission to be the premier divorce law firm in the Denver metro area by providing an exceptional client experience. Our team of divorce lawyers are uniquely qualified to provide strategic and focused leadership to navigate our clients through the legal process. We specialize in applying energetic and creative solutions to help achieve the best possible outcome for our divorce clients.

You can take the first step today by scheduling a comprehensive strategy session with an attorney at our office. We will look at the unique details of your case and help give you some initial direction. You can fill out the form on this page or call us to get the appointment set up.

Divorce Matters® is a Colorado-proud family law firm with a team of experienced divorce lawyers in Denver dedicated to protecting our clients’ best interests. We’re also mothers, fathers, cohabitants, and divorcees ourselves, so we’re intimately familiar with the range of emotions, piles of paperwork, and deluge of decisions that crop up when you seek legal help to resolve a family issue. Whether you’re pondering a divorce, drafting a prenuptial agreement, or welcoming a new member into your family, we’ll help you take control of the situation and prepare you—financially, emotionally, and logistically—for the future.

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Words From Our Clients

I appreciated that not only did Will know law like I know my colors, but he was a counselor as well and guided me through the process. I was nervous many times but was able to fully out my trust in what he was doing and I couldn't be happier. I will continue to refer people to him as o hear of those needing assistance.


Going through a challenging divorce is hell, your team had my back and represented me with a solid council. I have my daughters and got to stay in Colorado with them. I cannot thank you enough.


Keep doing what you doing; your firm rocks!


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Commonly Asked Questions About Divorce

How long do I have to respond to a divorce petition?

Once you have received notice that your spouse has filed for divorce, you have 21 days to respond if you live within the state. If you live out-of-state, then you have 35 days to respond.

Can I date while my divorce is pending?

There is no law in Colorado that says you can’t date while your divorce is pending. Adultery plays no role in your divorce as Colorado is a no-fault state. However, it may still be wise to avoid dating so as to avoid animosity from your ex-spouse during any negotiations.

Can I get a divorce if we were never officially married?

In Colorado, you may be considered to be married under “common law marriage” even if there was no wedding or rings. As long as you and your partner presented yourself as married to the public, you are likely protected under divorce statutes in Colorado.

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