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Canon City Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Matters® has long been the family law firm of choice for residents of Canon City, Colorado. We are compassionate legal advocates who strive to provide highly effective and affordable legal services to all of our clients. With Divorce Matters, you can expect to be represented by a family law firm that is committed to helping you begin to lay the groundwork for a happier future.

From relatively straightforward uncontested divorces to the most complex dissolution of marriage cases, a Canon City Divorce Lawyer from Divorce Matters® can help you through the entire process.

We help clients navigate the following issues:

    • Division of Property – An issue that comes up in almost all Colorado divorce cases is how to divide the marital property. After “marital property” is distinguished from “separate property,” the marital property must be divided equitably. Divorce Matters’ expert family law attorneys can help you determine how your property will be divided and assist in the process of equitable division.
    • Spousal Maintenance – Spousal maintenance, also known as alimony, can be a touchy subject in some divorces. Divorce Matters attorneys are experts at navigating spousal maintenance and can help you through the process.
    • Child Custody  – Whenever children are involved in a divorce, emotions run high. Our team is dedicated to protecting your rights when it comes to child custody. The Canon City divorce lawyer team at Divorce Matters are well-versed in handling this often contentious issue and can protect both the children and adults involved.
    • Child Support – Getting an idea of your child support obligations or rights is simple with the Divorce Matters Child Support Calculator App. Our family law firm has developed this free and easy-to-use app to help people like you determine how much they may owe or be owed when it comes to child support. Just input your information and go!
    • Mediation – Mediation is a highly effective form of dispute resolution that is used in many dissolutions of marriage cases in Colorado. A Canon City divorce lawyer from Divorce Matters will be pleased to speak with you about how mediation can play an important role in your case.
    • Domestic Violence – All too many Colorado divorce cases involve some form of domestic violence. Divorce Matters knows how difficult it is to go through a divorce as a victim of domestic violence and our expert family law attorneys are happy to guide you through the intricacies of your case. An attorney from our family law firm can educate you on the various ways to protect yourself and your children, as well as walk you through things like protection orders, divorce, and child custody and support.
    • Prenuptial Agreements – Signing a prenuptial agreement is far more common today than it was in the past. While it seems counterintuitive to think about your divorce before you are even married, anyone contemplating getting married in Colorado should at the very least explore the potential benefits of signing such a contract. Divorce Matters’ expert family law attorneys can assist you in figuring out the ins and outs of signing a prenuptial agreement!

Divorce Matters® has helped many Canon City families navigate the divorce process. Our team is comprised of highly experienced family law practitioners who continually approach their work with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism. Our four offices allow us to serve families just like yours all over Colorado, including Canon City!

Call Divorce Matters® today at (720) 542-6142 to schedule an appointment with an attorney.