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Evans Divorce Lawyer

Deciding to get a divorce is probably one of the most challenging decisions you’ll have to make. Besides the emotional turmoil involved in the divorce process, a divorcing couple must divide their shared assets, determine a parenting arrangement for their children, and plan for their future. Don’t let choosing an Evans divorce lawyer be a part of those tough decisions. At Divorce Matters®, we provide residents of Evans, Colorado with the legal representation they need to help them navigate their divorce.

As a leading Evans family law firm, we handle multiple family law practice areas, including:

  • Divorce- We provide quality legal representation in all aspects of divorce.
  • Alimony– Alimony, known as maintenance in Colorado, is calculated based on several factors that take into account things like the earning potential of each spouse, the length of the marriage, and the ability of lower-earner to maintain their lifestyle. We offer a free spousal maintenance calculator to help you calculate the expected spousal maintenance in your case, though this may differ from what the court awards.
  • Child Custody- Our family law attorneys in Evans will provide skilled legal representation in family law issues regarding your child custody and visitation rights to ensure they are protected.
  • Child Support- Although our free child support calculator provides a straightforward formula for the expected child support amount, you still need experienced divorce lawyers in Evans by your side to ensure everything that goes into this calculation is correct. That’s where Divorce Matters comes in.
  • Division of Assets- In Colorado, marital property and debt are divided equitably, which does not always mean equally. It is important that you have a skilled divorce lawyer in Evans who can fight for you for the fairest possible outcome.
  • Domestic Violence- If you have been accused of abuse or have endured domestic violence, we at Divorce Matters can help. Our lawyers help clients throughout Evans with domestic violence issues, including protective orders.
  • Mediation Mediation is almost always ordered in Colorado before a case goes to court. This is beneficial because it allows both spouses to come to an agreement instead of leaving the fate of their case in the hands of the court. Your Evans divorce lawyer will be ready to be by your side during mediation negotiations to ensure whatever agreement is reached accomplishes your goals and is fair.
  • Prenup– Our attorneys can help you by drafting a prenuptial agreement to stipulate how your assets and debt may be divided in case of a divorce.

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If you are seeking an experienced divorce lawyer in Evans we’ve got you covered. We put our client’s interests first to ensure we provide them with the best legal representation they deserve. Please contact us now to speak to our legal professionals.

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