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Getting divorced in Colorado is not only an emotional and nerve-wracking process, but it can also put a financial or even physical strain on you. If you want results, you will need a Falcon divorce attorney who understands the state’s laws, and all its nuances, and will devote his their time and energy to help make this process as smooth as possible.

Our firm can handle every aspect of your Falcon divorce, including spousal maintenance, child custody, division of assets, and others.


How We Can Help


  • Divorce – Deciding to file for divorce is never easy, but sometimes it’s the best thing you can do for your family. And while some couples can settle their divorce through mediation, family law cases can get incredibly complicated and involve complex financial problems or custody disputes. A Falcon family lawyer can help you understand the requirements for filing for divorce in Colorado and ensure that your rights are protected.



  • Child Custody – Child custody is often one of the most emotional aspects of a divorce. Our lawyers will help you figure out the type of custody that works best for your family, all while keeping your child(ren)’s best interests at heart.



  • Division of Assets – Colorado’s family law works by the principle of “equitable distribution,” meaning that the court will divide assets according to what it believes to be fair, and not necessarily equal. This can lead to numerous challenges and difficulties that our expert Falcon divorce lawyer and help you navigate and negotiate successfully.


  • Domestic Violence – Domestic violence is a serious allegation and we treat it as such. Our lawyers know how to handle even the most difficult cases and provide not only the legal but also emotional support our clients need in this trying process.


  • Mediation – It can be more empowering for both spouses to reach an agreement through mediation than to be given a court order. Our attorneys can help you find creative solutions to some of the most complex divorce issues in service of an amicable process.


  • Prenup – Count on our expert Falcon family lawyer to help you draft a prenuptial agreement that is in your best interests.


The Divorce Matters® Difference

Divorce Matters® is a Colorado-proud family law firm that has helped countless people divorce with dignity and start building a better future. Every Falcon divorce attorney on our team is a tenacious legal advocate who will aggressively pursue the results you deserve. We invite you to read some of our many positive client testimonials to develop a sense of how Divorce Matters® could be of help to you.