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Colorado Divorce Fees & Financing Options

Colorado Divorce Law Resources

The Value of Hiring an Attorney for Your Divorce

Many individuals seeking a Colorado divorce believe they can’t afford a lawyer or don’t believe they have enough assets to warrant the assistance of an attorney during the process.

As attorneys with many years of experience, we’ve seen countless divorced couples who’ve gone the DIY route, only to learn that the decisions made without the benefit of an experienced Colorado divorce attorney had significant ramifications later on. This often means a lawyer was required to sort through it all after the fact, and this can sometimes be more expensive than if they had just had an attorney to begin with.

We believe everyone deserves the value and benefit of legal counsel during a divorce. Often, bringing an attorney in early in the process helps save money, as a good lawyer will advise on what’s feasible and the likely best outcome given your particular situation.

We’ve structured our Colorado divorce law firm to deliver the experienced legal services found with expensive, boutique law firms, but with fees and costs that are accessible to working families, particularly those with children.

Holding Down Costs

We’ve done that by offering a variety of services, from early case assessments and the identification of key issues that will impact your divorce, to full-service representation, with our team standing by your side throughout the process.

Most importantly, we provide a comprehensive initial consultation to every potential client. Here, you’ll have the chance to ask questions, and we’ll learn about you and your particular circumstances. We’ll learn more about your family, the state of the relationship between you and your spouse, and begin identifying key issues that may be points of conflict. Conflict is often the leading source of escalating costs in a divorce or other family law disputes. Please contact our team of Colorado divorce lawyers to find out more about the financing options below.

Term Loans

  • Time of Funding: Customer funded directly in 48 hours after they accept the terms of the loan
  • Pre-approval time: In minutes
  • Loan Amounts: Up to $25,000, based on customer credit profile
  • Terms: 3 or 5 years (36 or 60 months)
  • Rates: As low as 6.44% up to 30% based on customer’s FICO score
  • FICO Scores: A minimum of 620 FICO is required for approval of this option
  • There is a $199 processing fee for approved loans, only applicable if the loan is approved and used.

0% Interest

  • Type of loan: Multiple credit card options are available; all being offered through our firm as the sponsor of the program
  • Pre-approval time: In minutes
  • Loan Amounts: Up to $25,000, based on customer credit profile
  • Terms: Revolving credit card
  • Rates: 0% for 12, 15, or 21 months and then interest rates between 10.9% and 21.9% on any unpaid balance”” NO default rates back to the date of purchase
  • Receipt of Cards: 5-7 business days for the customer to receive their credit card
  • FICO Scores: 640+ for 12- and 14-month options””680+ for 21-month option
  • There is a $199 processing fee for approved loans, only applicable if loan is approved and used.