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Woodmoor Divorce Lawyer

The realization that your marriage is coming to an end is often brutal and painful. With all the stress and turmoil that divorce brings, it can be difficult to focus on the legal aspects of this process. An experienced Woodmoor divorce lawyer can help you navigate the legal hurdles and keep your best interest at heart while fighting for your rights.

How We Can Help

  • Divorce – What do you need to file for divorce? Are there any requirements that you need to meet? Family law attorneys in Woodmoor will educate you on Colorado’s law and help you file for divorce.
  • Alimony/Maintenance – Alimony or spousal maintenance is an amount of money that one spouse will have to pay to the other after the marriage has ended. Our divorce lawyers in Woodmoor will help you understand how this amount is calculated and what you should expect.
  • Child Custody – Parents worry about the damage divorce can cause to their children and are often willing to put their differences aside for the sake of their kids. An experienced Woodmoor family lawyer will help you find the child custody solution that fits your family best.
  • Child Support – Under Colorado law, both parents are responsible for providing financially for their child.
  • Division of Assets – When going through a divorce, a lot of people fear that they will lose everything. According to Colorado state law, assets and debts are divided equitably, not necessarily equally. Not only will our divorce lawyers in Woodmoor, but our family divorce lawyers in Woodmoor will ensure that you will leave your marriage with your fair share of marital assets.
  • Domestic Violence – Have you been the victim of domestic violence, or have you been charged with domestic violence? Our Woodmoor family attorney can provide the legal representation you need to overcome this difficult moment in your life.
  • Mediation – Some of the biggest fears for couples going through a divorce are the unknown and the financial impact this decision will have on them. Our attorneys can help you find an amicable solution through mediation if possible.
  • Prenup – Prenuptial agreements may seem like the opposite of romance, but they can give couples more control over their finances in the future. Work with an experienced divorce lawyer in Woodmoor to draft and review your prenup.

The Divorce Matters® Difference

Filing for divorce is a big and difficult decision, but you don’t have to go through it alone. With a good, experienced, and compassionate Woodmoor divorce lawyer on your side, you can regain control over your life.

Call Divorce Matters® today at (720) 542-6142 to schedule an appointment with an attorney.