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Highlands Ranch Divorce Lawyer

Navigating a divorce is emotionally taxing and can be legally overwhelming. The best step you can take for your well-being is to ensure the process goes smoothly. A family lawyer can assist you through the process by explaining your legal rights and fighting for a fair resolution on your behalf. Contact a Highlands Ranch divorce lawyer at Divorce Matters® to learn how we can help you through your divorce.

Dividing Assets

People accumulate assets over the course of marriage that will need to be split up at the time of divorce. Colorado is an equitable distribution state, which means the judge will divide assets fairly between the two parties, but not necessarily equally. Marital property that will need to be divided among both parties includes:

  • Real estate;
  • Retirement funds;
  • Bank accounts;
  • Personal belongings

Determining Child Custody and Child Support

When children are impacted by divorce, it is crucial to give them support. Both parties in a divorce can become heated when it comes to decisions involving their children. If you are going through a divorce, let the Highland Ranch lawyers of Divorce Matters® help the process go smoothly.

Colorado parents must complete a Department of Colorado Justice Department parenting plan form. A parenting plan determines who will have custody of the children and who will make decisions about the children’s education, medical needs, and religious practices. Child support refers to the financial obligation parents have to their children. During a divorce, the court will decide how much the non-custodial parent should pay in child support. This is based on each spouse’s gross income, among other factors.

Spousal Support

Each spouse’s financial life becomes intertwined in a marriage. One party may support the other through higher education or the beginnings of a new company. When children are born, it is common for one spouse to set aside a career to become the primary caretaker. After a divorce this may mean one spouse does not have the same earning potential as the other. According to Colorado Revised Statute 14-10-114, to determine spousal maintenance, the court considers several factors, including:

    • Each party’s current and potential income;
    • The amount of property awarded to each party;
    • The standard of living each spouse is accustomed to;
    • The length of the marriage;
    • The age of each spouse and their health condition;
    • Child support payments; and
    • Much more.

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