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Colorado Springs Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is never easy. Even if your case seems simple, unexpected obstacles may come up and it is important to have experienced representation by your side if they do. At Divorce Matters, our divorce attorneys specialize in all aspects of divorce and will aid you through each step of the process.

As a leading family law firm, we assist families of all types throughout the divorce process as well as post-divorce issues. With the help of our Colorado Springs divorce lawyer team, you can protect your family and your best interests, and get the best possible outcome for your case.

Turn To The Experts – Trust Our Colorado Springs Family Law Firm

Divorce is complex, fraught with emotion, and requires a compromise between divorcing spouses – something that may seem difficult or impossible. But with our Colorado Springs divorce lawyers on your side, we will fight to deliver you a fair, equitable, reasonable arrangement.

We specialize in arbitration and negotiation and collaborative divorce, which allow you to keep your case out of the courts, come to a fair agreement that you have some control over, and work with your spouse to create a brighter future for your children.

However, our Colorado Springs divorce attorneys are not afraid to fight for you. We handle contentious cases too and will defend your rights in family court to ensure the best possible outcome for your case.

Our attorneys have more than 100 years of combined experience in Colorado family law and are standing by to assist you throughout every step of the divorce process.

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Whether you’re in Colorado Springs, or anywhere else in El Paso County, Divorce Matters is here to help. We’re leading divorce lawyers in the area, and you can trust our team to represent you with empathy, kindness, and a personal touch.

Call Divorce Matters® today at (720) 542-6142 to schedule an appointment with an attorney.