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Do you live in the Dacono area and find yourself staring divorce in the face? If so, you should consider scheduling a consultation with a Dacono divorce lawyer at Divorce Matters®. We are a Colorado-proud family law firm that has helped thousands of people just like you divorce with dignity and get a fresh start.

Our divorce lawyers in Dacono serve residents just like you and is staffed by divorce lawyers who genuinely understand how stressful going through the divorce process can be. Each lawyer on our team is a seasoned legal advocate who is tenaciously committed to achieving the best possible results for each client.

At Divorce Matters®, our Dacono divorce lawyers are highly skilled at helping clients successfully navigate the following family law matters:

  • Maintenance (Alimony) – Alimony, also called “spousal maintenance”,  is financial support provided by one spouse to the other after their marriage is over. The way spousal maintenance is calculated can be difficult to understand and a Divorce matters attorney is the perfect person to help you understand! Divorce Matters has also developed a FREE Spousal Maintenance Calculator app to help you determine how much you may owe or be owed. Just input your information and go!
  • Child Custody – Divorcing parents are usually free to negotiate their own child custody arrangement. If they are not able to, the court will intervene and establish an arrangement that it believes is in the child’s best interest. A Divorce Matters attorney can help you through either situation, either in court or just negotiating with your co-parent!
  • Child Support – A Dacono divorce lawyer at our family law firm will be able to help you determine how child support is likely going to be calculated in your divorce case. You’re also welcome to download our FREE Colorado Child Support Calculator App, developed for people like you to wade through the complicated rules of child support and easily determine how much you may owe or be owed!
  • Marital Property Division – Figuring out how to divide the marital property is a crucial part of just about every Colorado divorce case. Marital property isn’t necessarily divided 50-50, rather, it is divided equitably based on a list of factors determined by the court.
  • Mediation – At Divorce Matters, our divorce lawyers are highly experienced at representing clients in divorce mediation, a cost-effective method of dispute resolution that can either be voluntary or mandated by the court.


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Our Dacono family law firm of Divorce Matters® has a long track record of helping Coloradans confidently navigate the divorce process. Our divorce lawyers have more than 50 years of combined legal experience and are available for consultation to speak with you about your options moving forward.

To schedule a consultation, you can send us a message using our online form or simply call Divorce Matters at 720-679-7881.