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Estes Park Divorce Lawyer

Getting a divorce can be a stressful and frustrating experience, even if you and your partner both agree to everything. Divorce Matters® can provide you with an Estes Park divorce lawyer to help guide you through the process so that you can focus on your future.

We are an Estes Park family law firm that has proudly served this community for years. Our  Estes Park divorce attorneys are here to advocate for your rights and ensure you can move on from this painful moment and renew your life.

There are many different facets to a divorce, all of which our experienced divorce attorneys in Estes Park can help with. These include:

  • Divorce – our Estes Park divorce lawyers can help you navigate the divorce process and all it entails, from understanding your rights and obligations to representing your interest during court hearings.
  • Spousal Maintenance – spousal maintenance or alimony is established by taking into account both parties’ earning power, length of the marriage, and other factors that can determine the size of the payments and how long those payments are made.
  • Child Custody – our Divorce Matters® attorneys can help you navigate the child custody process as well, making sure the decisions made are in the best of your child(ren).
  • Child Support – Child support in Colorado is not negotiable in most situations because it is decided based on a strict formula. Our free calculator can help you estimate how much you may have to pay in child support if you have this obligation.
  • Property Division – our Estes Park divorce lawyers can explain how the division of assets and debts usually works in divorce cases based on specific Colorado rules and regulations.
  • Domestic Violence – please don’t hesitate to talk to your Divorce Matters® divorce attorney about domestic abuse issues so you can access the right help.
  • Mediation – this process is often the better option for resolving a divorce. During mediation, both parties sit down and with the help of their attorneys attempt to negotiate the terms of their divorce while taking into account both of their wishes and best interests. An Estes Park divorce lawyer can help you determine if mediation is right for your case.
  • Prenuptial Agreements – if you’re about to get married the Divorce Matters® attorneys can help you understand why a prenup is a smart and responsible choice, and help you draft the contract.

Divorce Matters® – A Legal Team That Cares

We are completely aware of how difficult a divorce can be. Through our professional family law services, we strive to make the process as smooth as possible.

Call Divorce Matters® today at (720) 542-6142 to schedule an appointment with an attorney.