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Golden Divorce Lawyer

From dividing marital property to child custody, formally ending a marriage can feel like a minefield of challenges full of uncertainty about the future. Divorce Matters® is a highly regarded law firm serving Golden and many other locations across the Colorado Front Range. If you live in the Golden area, a divorce lawyer on our team can provide the legal representation you need at every stage of the divorce process.

Our Services

The Golden divorce lawyer team at Divorce Matters® has helped thousands of men and women navigate the divorce process and establish a foundation for moving forward. We are highly skilled and can handle the following divorce-related matters:

    • Alimony /Maintenance – Alimony, or “spousal maintenance,” is generally limited to divorce cases in which one of the parties is able to demonstrate the need for financial support after the marriage is over.
    • Child Custody – Divorcing with minor children is a difficult situation, even in the best of circumstances. At Divorce Matters®, every Golden divorce lawyer on our staff fully appreciates the ramifications that divorce can have on children. Our attorneys make every effort to protect them, while also advocating for your rights.
    • Child Support – In Colorado, child support is calculated pursuant to Colorado’s guidelines found at Col. Rev. Stat. § 14-10-115. These are designed to ensure that every minor child has continued access to the financial resources of both parents.
    • Division of Assets & Liabilities – Colorado is an equitable distribution state. This means that, in the event of divorce, marital property is divided equitably but not necessarily 50-50. A court may have to intervene if a divorcing couple cannot agree between themselves on how to divide their assets and liabilities.
    • Mediation – Our Golden divorce attorneys can provide legal representation during mediation proceedings. Mediation is a type of structured, yet non-binding form of negotiation facilitated by a neutral third party called a mediator.
    • Domestic Violence – Our attorneys at Divorce Matters® understand the gravity of the situation for those experiencing domestic or relationship violence. Our Golden Divorce Lawyer team will not hesitate to help our clients pursue either a temporary or permanent restraining order.
    • Prenuptial Agreements – A prenuptial agreement is a written contract entered into before marriage concerning various issues that a couple is likely to face should they ever divorce. Such an agreement can address the division of assets, alimony, and life insurance. In Colorado, a prenuptial agreement cannot be used to address child custody or child support.

The Divorce Matters® Difference

Every divorce case presents a unique set of facts and legal issues. Divorce Matters® is staffed by divorce attorneys serving Golden who are well-versed in the nuances of Colorado state law applicable to divorce proceedings. As such, you can expect a Golden divorce lawyer from Divorce Matters® to professionally guide you through the divorce process.

Call Divorce Matters® today at (720) 542-6142 to schedule an appointment with an attorney.