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Fountain Divorce Lawyer

Divorce can be scary, even when you are the one who decides to file for it. Having an experienced and compassionate Fountain Divorce lawyer on your side can help you understand the legal requirements and empower you to make the best decisions for your future.

Here at Divorce Matters®, we understand that each case is unique, and we treat it as such. You will find in our divorce lawyers, not just legal assistance, but also a trusted partner.

How We Can Help

  • Divorce – To divorce in Colorado at least one spouse must file a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. Spouses can also file a Petition for Legal Separation or a Petition for Allocation of Parental Rights. Since Colorado is a no-fault state, you don’t need the consent of your spouse to obtain the divorce. You also don’t have to provide a reason for getting a divorce.
  • Alimony/Maintenance – There are a variety of factors the court takes into account when deciding the amount of spousal maintenance one will get. Our Fountain divorce lawyer will review these with you to help you understand what your options are. To see what your maintenance award could be in your case use our free maintenance calculator.
  • Child Custody – Child custody is one of the most complex and contested aspects of a divorce, and for very good reason. We take child custody extremely seriously and will work hard to help you find a solution that will benefit your family.
  • Child Support – By law, every parent is required to financially support their children in Colorado. This support is calculated based on a statute that governs how child support is awarded. If you are wondering what child support could look like in your case based on your circumstances, use our free Child Support Calculator app.
  • Division of Assets – As an equitable distribution state, Colorado doesn’t have cut-and-dry rules on how assets should be divided. That can make things very complicated. Our lawyers will examine your unique circumstances and work to ensure a just division of assets.
  • Domestic Violence – Domestic violence can affect every aspect of your life. Our lawyers will fight to get a restraining order or defend you if you’ve been charged with domestic violence.
  • Mediation – We know how messy and complicated a divorce can get and we want to help you keep things as simple and smooth as possible. Our attorneys will work hard with you to help you come to a fair resolution during mediation.
  • Prenup – Consult a Fountain divorce attorney before drafting or signing a prenuptial agreement. They will ensure that your needs are met and your rights protected.

The Divorce Matters® Difference

Divorce Matters® is a Colorado-proud family law firm that has helped countless people divorce with dignity and start building a better future. Every Fountain divorce lawyer on our team is a tenacious legal advocate who will aggressively pursue the results you deserve. We invite you to read some of our many positive client testimonials to develop a sense of how Divorce Matters® could be of help to you.

Call Divorce Matters® today at (720) 542-6142 to schedule an appointment with an attorney.