Mistakes to Avoid During Mediation

Not every divorce is bitter and filled with hate. Some couples actually respect each other and want to end their marriage in an amicable manner. For this reason, many people choose mediation. Mediation allows both parties to come to mutual agreements based on compromise and negotiation.

Mediation allows the couple””not a judge””to choose the terms of their divorce. This allows both parties to get what they want, to some degree, instead of a court decision making everyone unhappy. The couple works out the issues of their divorce with help from a divorce mediator. A mediator is a neutral third party who is there to answer questions and move along the process. Mediation is a healthy alternative to an expensive and lengthy court battle, especially when children are involved.

Like most processes, though, mediation needs to be done the right way. If you come into it with the wrong attitude, you’re only going to delay the process and make things worse. At this point, going to court will be your only option, and this will mean more money out of pocket. You can avoid this fate by taking note of these common mistakes.

Avoid These Common Mistakes

Mediation is supposed to be a healthy alternative to a courtroom divorce. But it’s not easy. You need to do your part to make it work. The first thing to remember is to keep an open mind. Don’t be difficult. Come ready to listen to the other spouse and the mediator.

Many couples make the mistake of coming into a mediation session ready for battle. You need to be able to communicate in an effective manner as well as negotiate and compromise. If you come into mediation ready to argue and not willing to budge on anything, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment because mediation is not going to work.

You want to keep things civil. Avoid bad-mouthing the other spouse or calling him or her names. This is not a good way to settle on important issues.

If children are involved, focus on their needs, not yours. The goal is to ensure the best interests of the children are in mind. Children thrive when they have both parents in their lives. It’s selfish to think of your needs only or try to take your children away from the other parent. Try to come up with plans that benefit everyone involved.

Another common mistake is showing up to mediation unprepared. Ideally, you should have several plans or solutions in place. Don’t just show up and expect to wing it. The other spouse will likely have concerns and you will need to be prepared to address them.

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Mediation can be useful in helping move a divorce along and help you achieve a favorable outcome. However, it needs to be done the right way or it can make a situation even worse.

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