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You Don’t Need to Be James Bond to Find Your Spouse’s Hidden Assets

In this increasingly digital world, there are more options than ever before for finding out if your spouse is hiding marital assets. But you don’t have to be James Bond and spy on them ”“ in fact, that can get you into a lot of trouble.

Be Wary of “Snooping”

It might be tempting to run to the spy store and purchase a cheap GPS tracking unit to hide on your spouse’s car, giving you an idea of where he or she has been ”“ visits to a bank you weren’t aware he or she had an account, for example. The more technically savvy spouse might even go as far as to install spy software on the home WiFi to sniff incoming packets for suspicious info. Here’s why you shouldn’t.

Domestic courts in Colorado are courts of equity, so snooping, while a legal gray area, could hurt you in the courtroom. If the courts become aware of your snooping, you could be seen as the bad guy/girl. This could factor into every aspect of your divorce ”“ child custody, property division, etc.

The High Road Approach to Finding Hidden Assets

It is not that difficult to find hidden assets when you have access to the particular set of skills of a divorce attorney. Attorneys can subpoena a great deal of your spouse’s electronic data, and it is very difficult to hide assets without leaving a digital trail of breadcrumbs. Emails, cell phone activity ”“ most of the things that you would probably be able to find by snooping can be found legally and effectively by a divorce attorney.

Speak with a Colorado Divorce Attorney

So don’t risk a charge for spying or stalking ”“ you’re not a 00 agent. Don’t risk your standing in court. Speak to a divorce attorney, and you will get the help you need to ensure an equitable division of your marital property.