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Wiz Khalifa Wants Custody Modification, Says Amber Rose Unfit Mother

Not every child custody agreement is golden; in some situations, the agreement needs changes. One example in recent news is that of rapper Wiz Khalifa. The artist of “Black and Yellow” fame wants a greater share of custody over his 1-year-old son Sebastian. According to Khalifa, neglect and unsanitary conditions on the part of the mother, estranged ex Amber Rose, prompted him to seek a custody modification.

Khalifa’s lawyers assert that Rose spends too little time with baby Sebastian, devoting only a short amount of time in the mornings to raising him before heading out and leaving him with various babysitters. Rose would rather be partying, Khalifa’s lawyers say, than taking care of the baby. The father also claims that the baby is at risk of illness due to Rose’s unsanitary pet dog. On top of neglect and an unclean environment, the baby is reportedly exposed to vulgar shouting matches between Rose and her mother that sometimes include racial epithets.

If all of this is true, Khalifa may have a case for a custody modification if he can demonstrate that all this constitutes a substantial change in circumstances or is a threat to the safety of the child.

How Do I Get a Child Custody Modification?

Naturally, the easiest way to get a modification is when both parents agree on it. This isn’t always possible, as child custody is a hot-button issue for separating parents. Mediation can help when the parents disagree on a modification. If that fails, court intervention may be necessary. Enlisting the services of an experienced child custody lawyer can help ensure that your child custody modification goes as smoothly as possible.

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