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Why Are Celebrity Divorces So Common?

It seems like we can’t go a week without another celebrity divorce popping up in the news. Megan Fox, Blake Shelton, Terrence Howard, Reba McEntire ”“ and that’s just in the last 30 days. Why is it that celebrities seem so itchy to pull the trigger on divorce? Is it simply because of their fame that we hear of it so often, or are there forces more sinister at play? Maybe a little of both?


It is easier for wealthy people to divorce, and wealth is endemic to fame. Someone less fortunate might worry about lawyer expenses, the issues of dropping to a single income and worries that they may never find love again. These are nonissues to celebrities, especially the last one.


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that celebrities are very desirable people. There will always be someone out there ready to snap up a newly single celebrity. All of this can make divorce seem more attractive than working out problems with a marriage.

Real Life Is Not Like the Movies

It can be hard to separate a person from their role or interview persona when you are on the outside. On some level, many people feel like they know a celebrity from seeing them on TV, and much work is done to present celebrities in a positive light (charitable work, sense of humor, winning smiles). But being in a relationship with that person can drastically change a person’s perception of that celebrity. The man who was once a quick-witted, dreamy stud can turn into the guy with the awful relatives, or the guy with the anger issues, or the guy totally incapable of romance. Being exposed to the real person can lead to a quick dissolution of a celebrity marriage.

Trust Our Denver Divorce Lawyers with Your Family Law Issues

There are a ton of reasons we did not list here ”“ age difference, celebrity culture, busy schedules, even narcissism. It just goes to show that famous marriages are a double-edged sword and that celebrities are only human. If you’re facing a divorce, be sure to contact the experienced legal team at Divorce Matters today.