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Avoid These Mistakes during Divorce (Especially #3)

When navigating a divorce, there are countless wrong turns a person can make. After all, divorce is confusing, courtrooms are intimidating and legal forms are frustrating. But you need to keep a level head; don’t allow emotions or anxiety to overcome you, or you might fall victims to one of the following common divorce mistakes:

  • Trusting that your spouse will be a fair and cooperative party in the divorce. He may be a nice guy; she might be a nice girl. But divorce is a serious matter, so no matter how painful it is, you have to look out for yourself. Expect the worst, but hope for the best. If things go south, consider divorce mediation.
  • Not asking questions. Even if this isn’t your first divorce (it’s more common than you think; in fact, second and third marriages have a higher failure rate than first marriages) you should ask everything you can think of. Ask about your chances of acquiring the assets you desire, like the home or car. Ask about the child custody procedures we have in Colorado. When in doubt, ASK.
  • Letting emotions rule. Now more than ever, you must make careful, reasoned approaches. You’re frustrated. You’re annoyed. You’re angry and sad and maybe a little bit neurotic. That’s normal! But you have to take a step back, otherwise you run the risk of undermining your whole case.
  • Withholding information from your attorney. Your attorney needs to know everything there is to know about your case in order to effectively represent you. By hiding information, you’re only weakening your case.
  • Expecting the court to see things from your point of view. The bottom line is: the judge is his or her own person. Judges are tasked with examining both sides of a case and coming to a satisfactory and fair conclusion. Even if you think you are in the right, the judge may disagree ”“ thus, it is better to take a skeptical, balanced approach to your case. Keep your expectations reasonable.

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