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What to Do Before You File for Divorce in Colorado


Getting a divorce can be an emotionally traumatic event, and one that has huge implications for your life–socially, mentally, and financially–moving forward. If you’re thinking about filing for a divorce in Colorado, it’s best to be as prepared for the process as possible by the time you file your divorce papers. At the offices of Divorce Matters, our Colorado divorce lawyers can help you to prepare for your separation. In the meantime, here’s a list of some of the things that a person should do before actually filing for a divorce in our state–

Create a List of Assets and Collect FInancial Information

One of the most important things that you need to do when thinking about a divorce is to gather all of your financial documents, including statements about bank accounts, investments, wages and earnings, taxes, and the like. You should also make a list of all assets that you own, including both separate and marital assets. Now is also a good time to review all wills and beneficiary information. Note that you will need to submit a sworn financial statement when filing for a divorce.

Acquire Job Training or/and Education

If you are currently dependent upon your spouse for income and support, it may be appropriate to start thinking about finding your own job to support yourself post-divorce. This may require obtaining additional job training or education now, which you should do while you still have support in place.

Put a Plan in Place

Getting a divorce doesn’t just mean separating from your spouse; it means supporting yourself financially, finding a new home for you and perhaps for your children; and learning how to cope solo. It’s best to start putting a plan in place now in terms of your budget, where you will live, who will watch the kids when you’re at work, etc. If you don’t plan to live in the marital home during the divorce process, now’s the time to get alternate housing plans in place, too.

Think About Your Children

If you have children and are planning on seeking custody of the children during your divorce, it’s important to start building a case in your favor as soon as possible. It is not recommended that you move out and leave the children, as a court may question why you did this if you want custody of your children. Further, make sure you have established relationships with your children’s teachers, friends’ parents, etc. in place – the last thing that you want is a witness telling the court that they’ve never met you, or normally only interact with your spouse.

Consult with a Lawyer to Understand What to Do Before a Divorce in Colorado

If you’re set on filing for a divorce, meeting with an attorney as early as possible is recommended, and can be helpful in preparing for the divorce process and navigating it once papers have been filed. Our experienced Colorado divorce attorneys can sit down with you to discuss your situation today – please call us, send us a message, or fill our our contact form to get started.