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What Questions Should I Ask at a Divorce Consultation?

One of your first interactions during a divorce case will be your initial consultation with a law firm. For many divorcees, speaking to a legal professional is a new and daunting experience, so making sure you are prepared for your consultation can help a lot in relieving stress and anxiety. The best way to prepare is to know what to ask. Here is a list of common, useful questions to present to your divorce attorney.

Ask Questions About the Attorney’s General Experience

  • How many divorce cases have you handled? How many of your divorce cases have gone to trial? How many cases have you taken that have involved business valuations or large financial settlements?
  • Ask questions about how the law firm operates. Who at the firm should I call if I have other questions? What are your office hours? Who will be working with me on my case, and is it possible to meet them now? What does each member of the firm do? If my case goes to trial, who will handle that process? Asking these questions can help you become more familiar with the members of the firm and how each member can help you in your case.
  • Ask about costs. What is the average fee for a divorce case from beginning to end? Should I expect any extra costs? Do you charge a retainer, and what happens when it is used up?
  • Ask about the particulars of your case. How much will I be able to participate in the development of strategies regarding my case? How will the firm keep me up to date with new developments in my case? Do you foresee any major issues in moving forward with my divorce?

Contact an Experienced Colorado Divorce Attorney

Having a list of prepared questions helps give you foresight into the divorce process and will alleviate some of the stress and anxiety you might feel when preparing to speak to your divorce attorney.

The Denver family law attorneys at Divorce Matters design tailored action plans to help you achieve the best outcome through this difficult time.