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We’re All Celebrities: What Has Social Media Done To Divorce Cases?


facebook divorceThe celebrity divorce is the quintessential aisle dressing of shopping centers across America. It seems like every day there’s a new cover story alleging an upcoming celebrity divorce (and sometimes they’re right. Sometimes). And we eat it up! Why is it that celebrity divorces are so popular? And is social media making the average person’s divorce more like a celebrity divorce?

Social Media, Divorce & The Court Of Public Opinion

What separates the average divorce from a celebrity divorce is that celebrity divorces are often these public spectacles that everyone wants a piece of. Some celebrities will use sites like Facebook or Twitter or even YouTube to tell their side of their story, hoping to garner sympathy and, in some contentious cases, turn the public opinion against their spouse.

Nowadays, social media has allowed the average divorcee to use social media for the same purposes ”“ to air their exes’ dirty laundry in hopes of gathering support or sympathy or even tangible things like property or child custody. It can be as simple as emailing their estranged partner’s family to allege infidelity, or something as far-reaching as posting a picture of the partner’s new boat as a way of spiting the partner for lying about assets.

We understand that divorce is an intensely personal, emotional process and that recovery takes a long time. But it should also be a private process. There’s nothing wrong with discussing your divorce with close friends or family members, but putting it out there on social media can often lead to disastrous consequences. Know that in your divorce, all of these electronic records are going to be used by both yours and your former partner’s attorneys in order to come up with asset division plans and parenting schedules. Keep your divorce out of your friends’ Facebook feeds, or it might come back to haunt you.

Our Denver family lawyers use thorough electronic discovery methods in order to ensure that you receive your fair share in divorce.