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Three Money Matters That Could End A Marriage


Three Money Matters That Could End a Marriage

  1. How often you have disputes about money can lead to significant stress. No matter what your income level is, disputes about money are inevitable. Maybe one person is a saver, the other is a spender, or maybe you both keep your accounts closely held and don’t really discuss it, leaving you both open to disputes when something goes wrong. Communication is key in all aspects of a relationship, so making sure that you are on the same playing field as your spouse financially can help protect your marriage.
  2. Debt is another huge stressor, especially when most of the debt comes from one side of the marriage. Debt can be embarrassing, it can be difficult, and some spouses even hide how much debt they have going into a marriage which leads to an inevitable clash when the truth comes out. Maybe the compulsive spender in your relationship racks up a lot of credit card debt without saying anything, or without keeping track. This could lead to delinquencies in credit card payments, bankruptcy and even the loss of your home if it isn’t dealt with appropriately or prevented entirely.
  3. Lastly, income level can lead to stress. Studies show that the wealthier you are, the less likely you are to divorce. However, the wealthier you are, the more devastating it can be when fights arise and divorce suddenly comes into the picture.

The number one predictor of divorce is contempt, whether external or internal, for your spouse. However, one other huge predictor is money. Here are three indicators regarding money that might spell doom for what could be an otherwise happy marriage.

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