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Single on Valentine’s Day and Wondering What to Do?

Are you going through a divorce or have you recently separated from a significant other? Winter can be rough for those leaving relationships. All of those family holidays back to back can wear down a recent single’s psyche. And the upcoming holiday might only make it worse.

It’s unavoidable ”“ Target has had the decorations out since New Year’s, after all. Red heart balloons and passion pink stuffed animals flank every aisle of every supermarket in the country. Valentine’s Day is on the horizon.

Just because you and your ex no longer see eye-to-eye does not mean you have to suffer on Valentine’s Day. After all, living life well is the best revenge. Don’t let stress and negativity get you down. Here are some ideas to end the holiday on a high note:

1. Buy yourself a gift! Who knows what you want better than you do? Sure, flowers and candy are ok, but not as nice as a new smartphone.

2. Go for a spa day! The movies are going to be packed with new couples ingesting this year’s newest sappy romcom. You do not have time for such nonsense. This day is about you. The jacuzzi and massage table are calling your name.

3. Do absolutely nothing, all day. Valentine’s Day is a Saturday this year, so stay in and enjoy a Netflix binge.

4. Get together with some old friends. With more alone time on your hands, now is a perfect time to reconnect.

5. See those pristine, untouched snow banks up in the Rockies? Time to wreck those! You can’t live in Colorado without taking advantage of our excellent winter sporting environment. Wax up your skis and hit the slopes.

6. Do you have kids or nieces and nephews? Children love holidays. Take the kids out to the park or bake something special with them””who says Valentine’s Day is only for couples?

7. Spring is on the horizon, which is a great time to join a gym and start working out. Perhaps you packed on a few pounds after you got married ”“ don’t be embarrassed, it’s more common than you think. Shedding that little extra could go a long way toward your divorce recovery. After all, you never know who might be looking.

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