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Signs Your Spouse is Looking for a Divorce

Signs Your Spouse is Looking for a Divorce

For many people, divorce strikes like a bolt out of the blue. One day, you are muddling along in the marriage, trying your best, but the next your spouse sits you down to tell you it is all over. No questions asked.

Should you have seen the writing on the wall? Many people point to common signs like fighting, infidelity, and emotional distance. But many couples can recover from those problems with a little work or couple’s therapy. Instead, the following are signs that divorce is imminent””and that your spouse does not want to try and save the marriage.

Your Spouse Makes Unexplained Withdrawals of Money

A husband or wife looking for a fresh start often tries to set themselves up financially by making large withdrawals from joint bank accounts. We are not talking about $10 or $20 taken from a checking account but large withdrawals of hundreds and thousands of dollars. When asked what the money is for, they have a vague story about family members needing a loan or a friend who had a medical emergency.

A spouse looking for divorce also might stop direct deposit to a shared bank account. This is also a sign that they are trying to set themselves up financially for an exit from the marriage.

Your Spouse is Spending More Time with the Children

In a custody fight, one factor a judge will look at is the extent of each parent’s relationship with their children. If your spouse has spent a lot of time away from home, then they will have a weaker case for custody.

For these reasons, a parent who is suddenly involved in their children’s lives could be thinking ahead about divorce. Watch for signs the parent is trying to document their relationship, such as signing homework or having their picture taken with the children. They could be collecting evidence to use in a custody fight.

Your Spouse Has Met with a Divorce Lawyer

Couples today are much savvier than their parents were about the legal implications of divorce. They will strive to protect themselves, and seeking out a lawyer’s advice is a logical step.

If your spouse has met with a divorce attorney, then you can expect that divorce is on the horizon. Protect yourself by meeting with a lawyer of your own. At Divorce Matters, our Aurora divorce lawyers have helped many men and women get the divorce that they want. Contact us today to schedule a comprehensive consultation.