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Shark Tank Tycoon Divorces Longtime Wife

Canadian security technology magnate and star of Shark Tank Robert Herjavec has announced the end of his marriage to Diane Plese after 25 years of being married. The couple met at an eye appointment; according to Herjavec, it was love at first sight.

Now, the tycoon is singing a more somber song. Herjavec gave a statement on his reasoning for the divorce, and unlike some celebrity divorces, this one seems rather amicable. “Human relationships are so difficult,” said Herjavec, “I wish nothing but love and peace for our family as we move forward from this.”

No news has been released on the terms of the divorce, but Herjavec’s net worth is approximated to be somewhere in the region in $200 million dollars. Assuming there is no prenuptial agreement preventing it, Plese stands to gain a substantial portion of his assets.

Why Can Long Term Marriages End in Divorce?

It is not uncommon for couples married for a long time to end up filing for divorce, as in Herjavec’s case. Sometimes the marriage was doomed to fail, but the parents agree to stay together until the children grow up. Other times, one of the spouses becomes involved in an affair. Sometimes, love just fades.

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