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Renner and Pacheco Settle Divorce, Share Custody over Child

We blogged in February about the divorce between Oscar-nominated actor Jeremy Renner and model Sonni Pacheco. At the time, the couple was fighting over whether Renner was fit to maintain custody over their young daughter, Ava. Pacheco desired primary physical custody over Ava due to safety concerns and claimed that Renner hardly interacted with Ava.

The two have reconciled their differences and the courts have granted Renner joint legal and physical custody of Ava. The settlement also stipulates that Renner pay $13,000 in child support monthly to Pacheco, but also that he will not be required to pay spousal support.

The two are also not allowed to make disparaging remarks about one another, their families or significant others in front of Ava.

How Custody Affects Child Support in Colorado

If a parent has the children for more than 93 overnights per year, the calculation method for child support changes. Instead of using Worksheet A to determine payments, courts will use Worksheet B, which assumes that both parents are contributing to the children’s financial needs by directly purchasing necessities like food, water and housing. If one parent makes more money than the other, that will be taken into consideration and often the parent with higher income will make payments to the other to balance the financial burden.

If you are having trouble working out a child support arrangement for a child you share custody over, contact a family law attorney.

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