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Marriages in Trouble After Ashley Madison Leaks

It’s bad news bears for Internet adulterers ”“ the site Ashley Madison, a meetup site for cheating spouses, has been hacked, leading to the publishing of millions of user email addresses, private photos, real names and credit card information.

The hack came weeks after hackers revealed the breadth of the stolen information and demanded that Ashley Madison close down. The website ”“ with the slogan “Life is short. Have an affair.” ”“ denied that a hack had taken place and refused to shutter. The hackers predictably called the website’s bluff, and now the saucy details of millions of cases of infidelity are open for the public to see, including the widely publicized details of Josh Duggar’s profile.

How Do I Talk to My Spouse About Infidelity?

A huge number of infidelity cases are discovered through digital media, such as text messages, emails, location data from smartphones and, of course, dating sites. If you have caught your spouse cheating as a result of the Ashley Madison hack, or if you are the one who was exposed, read on.

In the case of the Ashley Madison leak, most of the people who look into the details probably have suspicions of infidelity anyway. Finding concrete proof of cheating is just a way of putting these suspicions into words and allowing the couple to actually talk about what is going on.

When you begin a conversation with your spouse about infidelity, it is wise not to start by yelling, but often this is what happens. Getting the anger out of the way can help the couple start talking through the real issues. And there are only two ways such a conversation can end ”“ you can either end the relationship or talk through the issues and commit to solving them. If you desire to save your marriage, counseling is one option. If you decide on divorce, you should speak to a Denver family law attorney.

Speak With a Colorado Family Law Attorney if You Suspect Infidelity

P.S. Colorado is a no-fault state, so while infidelity will not be seen as a reason for the divorce, it will factor into the division of marital assets. If your spouse spent marital assets on an affair, it is possible for you to recoup those through legal action.