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How Top Denver Child Custody Attorneys Win Custody Cases

A top Denver child custody attorney can increase the chances you will win your child custody case by doing the following:

Top Denver family attorneys know how to determine which custody issues are worth taking to court and which issues are not. Each custody matter has plenty of issues that can be brought to court.  However, not every issue is worth asking the Judge to decide.  In fact, if certain issues are not settled out of court, the failure to resolve those issues may annoy the Judge and cause the Judge to discredit the more important custody issues. 

Once it is determined which custody issues should be taken to court, the best custody attorneys painstakingly sort through all of the possible evidence and pull out those facts which have the best chance of persuading the Judge to grant your custody request.  This phase is extremely important because not all facts will persuade the judge to change custody.  The best attorneys know that just like certain issues can annoy and turn off judges, so can certain facts.  

The top divorce and custody lawyers locate and interview witnesses and obtain important documents before they step into court.   It is amazing how many divorce and custody lawyers, even those with experience, walk into child custody hearings unprepared. Even though there were witnesses to interview and subpoena, documents to gather such as e-mails, text messages, correspondence, medical records, police reports and other evidence, many divorce lawyers simply do not do their due diligence before going to court.  The top divorce lawyers stand out and win custody cases based on their preparation and attention to detail. That is the type a lawyer you want on your side.  

The top divorce and custody attorneys remain focused on the best interests of the children.  Too many lawyers get caught up in their client’s own allegations as well as that of the other parent that they forget the entire focus of a child custody case is the children.  Therefore, a good attorney will teach his or her clients how to remain focused on what is in the best interest of the children.

The best custody attorneys in Denver determine how to present your custody issues and the specific facts of your case to the court in the most persuasive manner possible.  The best attorneys do this by determining which witnesses will testify, what they will testify about, and the order in which they will testify. 

The best lawyers do not waste their client’s money unnecessarily on litigation that will not help the case progress toward resolution or trial.  Some family law attorneys will waste their client’s money on unnecessary litigation that accomplishes little to nothing in a child custody matter, but instead stalls the process and causes more strife for both parties which trickles down to the children. 

The best divorce and custody attorneys also manage their client’s expectations. Few things are worse than an attorney telling a client that a particular result will most likely occur when the lawyer knows or should know that such a result is not likely. The best attorneys do not make promises to clients about specific results.  Even with extensive experience and knowledge, the best attorneys understand that no one can predict the future in any divorce or custody case. However, that same experience and knowledge teaches the best lawyers that there are outcomes in a divorce and custody case that are more likely than others.  

The best attorneys also work hard to represent clients with the right intentions.  They will not represent a parent who intends to use their children as leverage or who are emotionally or physically abusive toward the children.

Therefore, when looking to hire an attorney, ask the attorney how they intend to give you the best chance of prevailing in your custody matter and get the right result for you and your children.