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How Exercise Can Help You Through Your Divorce

Exercise can be an immense source of relief when you’re going through a divorce. It’s a great way to keep yourself in shape and feeling confident. It also helps that exercise is known to be a reliever of stress and releases endorphins to help boost your mood. All of these benefits, AND it will reduce your risk of a plethora of diseases later on in life””so the real question is, if you aren’t already doing it, why not start adding more exercise into your routine?

It might seem difficult when you have kids to take care of, a job you work 40 hours a week at, and chores to be done. However, there are ways you can sneak in your daily dose of exercise without adding to your stress. The first one is easiest if you have children who are active themselves. Join in the play! Get outside and kick the soccer ball around with them or join in a game of tag. The easiest solution when you have kids and no time is to make it work is by having your cake and eating it too”¦figuratively, of course!

Another solution, if you are an early riser, is to set your alarm clock just a half an hour earlier and get out there and go for a jog first thing in the morning. The exercise has the added benefit of possibly kicking that caffeine addiction to the curb too, as you will feel more alert after an early morning workout.

Finally, if neither of these solutions are an option for you it might just be the case that you will have to prioritize and make time for it. Focus on all of the positive benefits just 30 minutes of working out three to five times a week will have for your present and your future. A lot of gyms actually have nurseries where you can bring your kids to stay while you squeeze in your workout. While your kids might not like it at first they will adjust, and in the long run, you sticking with your health routine is only going to benefit them.

Exercise is an important aspect of our health and creating a routine that involves incorporating it into your life is going to keep you healthy and set a positive example for your children as well. So what are you waiting for”¦get out there!