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How Do I Start My Divorce?

Divorce is a long and difficult process and it can sometimes be hard to know where to even start. This blog post will give you a general idea of what documents to gather and how to begin.

First thing’s first, we always recommend calling a lawyer. We know that seems obvious coming from a law firm, but we’re not alone in thinking so!  Jut read what one of our reviewers has to say, “I started my divorce by myself…huge mistake.” You can learn more about our attorneys and their experience here. When you reach out to our firm our Client Relations Specialists will match you with the attorney that is right for your situation and personality for your initial consultation. Your consultation will allow you to meet with your attorney, ask them any questions you might have, and discuss pricing.

Aside from hiring an attorney, there are a few things that you can do that will help to streamline the process. The first step is to discuss what you want with the other party. Your divorce will be the simplest if you and your ex can both come to an agreement on what each of you wants and needs out of the process. If this is not possible, or if you cannot come to an agreement, the best course of action is to start compiling the paperwork necessary. This paperwork can include credit card statements, childcare bills, utility bills, loan documentation, medical statements, pay stubs, retirement accounts and statements, investment accounts, car values, and any appraisals. It is also important to note that these documents will be needed whether you can come to an agreement with the other party or not. In addition to the paperwork, it is important to start documenting your communication with the other party. The best way to do this is by only communicating in writing. This can be important if there are children involved as this documentation will be important in court proceedings, especially if you consider the other parent to be unfit or a danger to your child or children.

All in all, the most important steps are to gather all the financial documents you can and to record all communication in writing. Not only will this be helpful in court, but it will also be helpful to your newly hired attorney. All of these steps will likely make the process as streamlined as possible and finding the documents beforehand will ensure that you are not scrambling to find documents as you go.