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How Do I Get My Ex’s Name Off of My Mortgage?

If you have gotten divorced and ended up keeping your marital home, you will likely want to get your ex’s name off of your mortgage. This can be for a variety of reasons ”“ your ex may not want to be held financially responsible for your mortgage, or you might wish to retain the proceeds from an eventual sale, for example. Working with a Highlands Ranch Divorce Attorney can help you in the process.

Refinancing Your Colorado Home After Divorce

There is really only one way to get this done. You will need to apply for a refinance to your mortgage using only your name. Just because you and your ex have agreed that you are keeping the house does not mean your lender has to honor your decision. Your lender is bound to your original contract, which has both names on it. This process will mean that you need to prove your eligibility for a new loan, and depending on how you have divided your property you may find that as a person living on a single income, you are no longer eligible for your refinancing. If so, you will have to seek other options, like finding a cosigner.

If your refinancing is approved, you can begin the process of removing your ex’s name. This is usually done by a quitclaim deed. A quitclaim deed allows your ex to forfeit his or her rights to the property. In order for a quitclaim deed to be filed, your ex will be required to go to your lender and sign the documents in front of a loan officer.

Contact a Highlands Ranch Divorce Attorney Today

The process is straightforward, but complications can arise at any step of the way. The simplest way to make sure your spouse’s name comes off your mortgage is to discuss your case with a divorce attorney.