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Hot New Divorce Trend: Burning the Dress

The last few years have seen several social media-driven divorce trends. We’ve celebrated singlehood with divorce parties and we’ve shared divorce selfies on Twitter and Facebook. But a growing new trend may prove to be the hottest yet. Literally ”“ we’re talking about lighting wedding dresses on fire. Trash the dress ceremonies are nothing new, and we’re sure this trend isn’t the first time someone came up with the idea to burn the dress, but thanks to social media, we’re seeing it more and more.

Some claim that burning the dress is an important symbol of starting anew, like a phoenix reborn from ashes. Others say it’s an important catharsis that allows former brides to release pent up rage. Others use it as an excuse for photo shoots and marshmallow roasting. Whatever the reason, many brides are embracing the flame. The trend has even reached the music industry ”“ in Mariah Carey’s video for her new song “I Don’t,” Mariah tosses a $250,000 custom Valentino dress into a fire pit. The dress was the one she planned to wear for her wedding with James Packer, which Packer called off late last year due to Mariah’s lavish spending habits.

Should I Burn The Dress?

Lighting stuff on fire is fun, sure. But is there something more constructive that can be done with an old wedding dress?

After all, wedding dresses can be quite expensive. If you can’t stand the look of your dress hanging up in your closet, consider alternatives to total destruction. Donate your dress to someone less fortunate or have the fabric turned into something else.

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