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If I Get a Raise, Will My Child Support Increase?


Life happens, and because of this, a child support order is not permanent. Sometimes a parent may find themselves in a new job where they are earning more or they may receive a significant raise at work. On the other hand, sometimes circumstances go the other way, and a parent may find they’ve lost their job. Whatever your circumstances are, if you have a child support order in place there is definitely a chance that at some point it will need to be modified.

To modify a child support order, there has to be at least a 10% difference in the existing child support order and there is no mechanism in place that automatically changes a child support order when a change in circumstance occurs. If a change needs to be reviewed, you need to file a motion to modify child support with the court.

The short answer? You may have to pay more if you receive a raise at work. However, this is not necessarily a given. The difference between the existing child support order and the potential new one has to be greater than 10%. The court also needs to receive a motion to modify child support before the order will change.

Some other situations where child support may be modified:

  • A change in child custody and visitation
  • Reduced child care costs as a child gets older
  • Emancipation of a child

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