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Four Simple Tips To Help You Pay Less For Divorce

Generally speaking, divorce can be a very expensive life event. There is a lot to consider beyond just the cost of an attorney. Finding a new place to live, purchasing a new vehicle and many other things factor into the cost of divorce.

Attorney fees make up a large portion of divorce costs, but there are many strategies that we use at our law firm to help our clients soften the financial blow of divorce as much as possible. Here are a few tips to help you keep your attorney fees low in divorce.

4 Tips To Minimize Divorce Costs

  1. Find a lawyer early on in the divorce process. While this might seem counterintuitive, often it actually results in lower long-term fees because your lawyer will advise you on what’s feasible and what the best possible outcome can be for your individual situation.
  2. Use your time with your attorney wisely. Preparation is important. Think through all of the questions that you have, compile them all together and bring them to your attorney’s attention at one time, instead of making a phone call every time you have a question. Keeping your attorney interactions concise can help you minimize your attorney fees.
  3. Do your homework! While divorce attorneys are there to help you get all of your affairs in order, there is a lot that you can do yourself to help streamline the process. Putting together your financial portfolio including assets, liabilities, income and expenses, for example, can make it that much easier for your attorney to work through any issues related to division of marital assets.
  4. If it is possible for you to remain amicable with your spouse, much of the conflict in your divorce can be avoided. That can lead directly to lower attorney fees, because conflict can drag out divorce proceedings, contributing to higher costs.

Our Denver divorce attorneys offer financing options to help clients cover the costs of their divorces.