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Expert Spotlight: Ric Taylor and Touchbase Counseling


At Divorce Matters, we know that an attorney is only one member of the team helping you get through your divorce. Your family and friends are, of course, part of your team, but so are other professionals in your life, including realtors, accountants, and therapists. As part of our “Ask the Experts” initiative, Divorce Matters has pulled together a list of professionals that we trust to help you get through your divorce and move forward in your life. We have decided to spotlight some of these amazing professionals and first up is Ric Taylor.

Ric Taylor is a therapist at Touchbase Counseling in Lone Tree, Colorado. Ric has developed a special niche working with people recovering from and going through divorce. The divorce process can bring up a variety of complex emotions and while the legal aspects of divorce can be difficult, the anxiety, shame, guilt, rage and other painful feelings can be the most overwhelming part. It can feel as though the bottom has dropped out of your personal life. Despite that feeling, life doesn’t stop and functional things like career, kids, school, and staying healthy have to keep going.

Ric Taylor can help you look into yourself and find ways to ease the burden of the pain you are feeling. Ric is especially adept at helping fathers move forward through divorce.


Ric and Touchbase Counseling can help in the following areas:

  • Depression
  • Substance and Behavioral Addictions
  • Reframing the difficulties
  • Grief and Loss
  • Parenting concerns, especially when it comes to co-parenting with an ex
  • Parent Child Conflict
  • Conflict Resolution and High Conflict Divorce

Ric offers a complimentary phone consult to every client so that you can make sure he’s the right fit for your needs. Call Touchbase Counseling at 720-924-1144 or learn more at their website: