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Divorcing CSI Actor Tells Wife She Can’t Act

Jon Wellner, best known for his role as toxicologist Henry Andrews on the renowned crime drama series “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” has filed for divorce from his wife of seven years, Whitney Wellner.

Mr. Wellner has reportedly asked the courts to force his spouse to quit her acting career in favor of a full-time job. He says that she is not a very good actress and will never reach any respectable level of fame. An interesting accusation, considering that Mrs. Wellner guest starred on the very same show on which her husband plays a series regular.

TMZ reports that Mrs. Wellner will probably seek spousal support. Mr. Wellner allegedly makes $20,000 per episode of “CSI,” while Mrs. Wellner’s residuals for her guest spot rake in $12 per month.

How Do Colorado Courts Treat Spousal Support (Alimony)?

When it comes to spousal support (or maintenance, as we refer to it in Colorado), Colorado courts tend to look at the payments as rehabilitative, or as temporary assistance to tide a spouse over until they are able to find a job or obtain the training necessary to become financially stable. Long-term alimony is generally reserved for spouses who cannot work due to age or declining health. That said, if both parties are in agreement about a long-term alimony plan, the courts will also consider that.

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