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Disadvantages of Divorcing Through an App


facebook divorceThere’s an app for everything ”“ even, nowadays, divorce.

Wevorce is a startup that bills itself as a mediation-enabling software. It seeks to bring divorcing couples together to divorce amicably and touts its lower price compared to traditional divorce as one of the benefits. But is Wevorce truly a better option than the old-fashioned way?

Wevorce Disadvantages

One curious feature of Wevorce is that both parties are overseen by one attorney-mediator. This can make for a dicey situation ”“ the reason you want to have your own attorney in your divorce is because you need a strong advocate for you, not for you and your spouse. You need a legal professional who has your interests alone in mind, that way he or she can help you fight for the fairest divorce settlement. Having the one attorney representing both sides creates an inevitable conflict of interest, and you may be the one who loses out as a result.


And then there’s the issue of cost. Wevorce says it is cheaper than a traditional divorce, but we’ve blogged in the past about how this claim does not always pan out in the long term. Penny-pinching now can lead to much higher costs down the road when you discover that your DIY divorce led to an unfair distribution of marital property.

Legal Issues

Let’s use an example. Say you and your spouse have agreed to split your 401(k). You fill out the online forms and submit them to the Wevorce software, which looks it over, finds no legal issues and passes it along to the courts to be finalized. While this may be what you and your spouse have agreed to, Wevorce might not inform you of the tax implications of splitting your 401(k). This could lead to major headaches in your future.

Don’t Rely on an App, Use an Experienced Divorce Lawyer

The bottom line is, Wevorce might be right for you, but in the end, you want a personalized legal approach to your divorce from a divorce attorney who is familiar with the details of your case and ready to be your zealous advocate.

Whether you desire mediation, collaborative divorce or to protect your assets in litigation, our Denver divorce lawyers provide real value in legal representation.