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“Clocks” Run Down for Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow Marriage

We blogged last year (almost exactly) about the “conscious uncoupling” of actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin. After a year of amicable separation, which saw the two sharing holidays and anniversaries with one another and their children, the couple has finally announced that they will be getting a divorce.

The divorce documents are all fairly hush-hush, like many other aspects of the Martin/Paltrow marriage. However, speculation suggests that the two, who have similar financial worth, will split their assets down the middle. Custody will likely be shared both legally and physically.

Tips for Remaining Amicable during a Divorce

Amicable divorces have several advantages, some of which may not be readily apparent. Here are some tips to keep emotions under control and the complex divorce process as streamlined as possible:

  • Mediation and collaboration in a divorce give both you and your spouse more control over decisions and more flexibility in arrangements such as child custody, spousal support and child support. Striving for a fair, negotiated outcome can help reduce the stress and emotional toll of separation.
  • Mediation tends to be a faster and less costly method of pursuing a divorce. Keeping costs low can help reduce the stress involved in your divorce.
  • When it comes to keeping family matters private, mediation is also a good idea, as it offers much more confidentiality than litigation when deciding the terms of marital dissolution.
  • If you are having trouble dealing with the emotional effects of a divorce, try talking with a therapist or counselor. This person can assist individuals and families during troubling times and help people gain perspective and coping skills.
  • Upholding your end of the divorce arrangements (such as parenting time, payments to your spouse, etc.) will reduce conflict and help maintain a level of trust between you and your spouse, and trust goes a long way in keeping the divorce process civil.

A qualified family law attorney can help you make the difficult decisions you need to make to ensure a healthy divorce. In the video below, our Founding Partner Doug Thomas explains how an attorney can help you.

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