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Can My Job Predict Divorce?

Contempt can foreshadow divorce. Money problems, too, can be an indicator of a future separation. But what about jobs? Yes, as it turns out, your line of work can contribute to divorce.

Here Are Some Of The Jobs That Lead To A Higher Risk Of Divorce

  • High-stress careers are not only tough on individuals, but also on couples. Someone serving in the military, for example, may spend long stretches of time away from his or her spouse. Both spouses deal with long periods alone and the thought that, if something goes wrong, they may never see each other again. The same kind of stress can affect families of firefighters, police officers and even pilots.
  • Jobs that exist in the public eye. Athletes, actors, musicians and even politicians undergo an intense amount of public scrutiny that can slowly erode a marriage. And it certainly can’t help walking into a grocery store or getting online and seeing the latest tabloid article about your imminent divorce, no matter how true or untrue it may be.
  • Servers and bartenders have high divorce rates. Long, irregular hours and the fact that many servers and bartenders work for tips can lead to emotional as well as financial stress for couples.
  • Massage therapists have an exceptionally high divorce rate. Jealousy and feelings of distrust tend to cause these divorces. Some studies say that almost 40 percent of massage therapists will face divorce.

Just because your job is on this list does not mean you will definitely get divorced. However, it may help you identify areas that are hurting your marriage and help you manage those problems.