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5 Ways To Take Time For Yourself This Holiday Season

1. Take a Bubble Bath

One of the most classic relaxation methods is to submerge yourself in a nice, warm bubble bath. Light some candles, play some music and enjoy some “peace on earth” while you soak!


2. Read a New Book By Yourself

If you can find a room or a spot in your house where there will be no interruptions, curl up and immerse yourself into a new book you’ve been excited to read!


2. Do an At-Home Exercise

Whether it is yoga to relax or a HIT training work out to get those endorphins going, taking some time to get active always helps improve your mood and stress levels.


3. Journal or Meditate About What You Are Grateful For

This year has definitely been one for reflection, so if you can meditate or want to get your thoughts down on paper, think about what you are most grateful for at the moment. You can also add some goals or things to look forward to in the upcoming year.


4. Get Some Fresh Air

If/when we get a break from the snow here in Colorado, try to take some time to step outside or go on a walk to unwind. We all have been pretty cooped up during this pandemic, so a chance to escape any craziness in your household I’m hope will be good for your mental health.


Have a safe and happy holiday!