How Do Kids Change Divorce?

When couples have children, a divorce becomes much more complicated. Even if you and your spouse are committed to an amicable separation, you will need to think through your post-divorce future for the sake of your children.

Come Up with a Parenting Plan

Children need continuing contact with both parents, and a judge will want to see a detailed parenting plan. At the outset, you should realize that a 50/50 custody split might not be realistic since one or both of you might decide to move. However, you should work out who the children will live with during the school year and decide:

  • When the non-custodial parent will have weekend visitation
  • How the children will split their summer vacations
  • Who the children will spend holidays and birthdays with
  • How you will transport the children to and from visitation, as well as when they will be dropped off and picked up


The more detailed your parenting plan, the better. Deciding issues ahead of time can reduce conflict later on. If you need help coming up with a parenting plan, you can consult with a divorce attorney who can advise you.

Discuss Child Support

Every child has a right to enjoy the fruits of his or her parent’s income. For this reason, child support is a right. The state has a formula it uses to calculate child support. You can visit the Department of Human Services website.

Child support also includes things like health insurance, medical expenses, and child care. Depending on your situation, you might need to pay extra to cover these costs. Parents should look at the total cost of raising the children and identify how they will pay those costs.

Stay on Your Best Behavior

It is perfectly understandable to feel depressed, angry and frustrated during a divorce. After all, a relationship you thought would last for life is now crashing to the ground. Nevertheless, parents must remain amicable if they want their children to flourish. This means never bad-mouthing your spouse when the children are around or trying to turn your children against their mother or father. Furthermore, trying to alienate your children could be used against you when it comes to determining custody.

Calm Guidance You Can Trust

Divorce is an emotionally turbulent time. You need trusted, experienced divorce attorneys in your corner. At Divorce Matters, our Lakewood divorce lawyers will help guide you through the divorce process step by step. Please contact us today to schedule your comprehensive, initial consultation.

What Does The Census Says About Divorced Women? Know Your Finances

According to data from the most recent census, women are shown to be disproportionately affected by divorce when it comes to finance. Compared to men, women tend to earn less money and tend to be less likely to be able to afford to live independently. Why is being single so expensive?

There’s the obvious answer ”“ two incomes are better than one. But it’s more than just income. Here are some reasons why being single is just more expensive ”“ and why women often face harsher prospects of independence.

  • Taxes: Married couples can typically save thousands of dollars in taxes when they file jointly. This is because of the bevy of federal and state laws that benefit married couples. When you get a divorce, you lose these benefits, which means your taxes will probably be higher. Additionally, studies from and the University of Central Florida reveal a hidden “woman tax” when it comes to sales. Products marketed to women, even if they are functionally identical to men’s products, are more expensive on average.
  • Health Spending: Did you know that, on average, single women spend more on annual healthcare than single men? The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that while men spend 3.9 percent of their annual income on health care, single women spend 7.9 percent, just over double of what men pay. The National Women’s Law Center says that a nonsmoking woman often pays more for health insurance than a smoking man. Women also have to worry about gynecological costs as well as pregnancy, two things that men do not have an equivalent of. Furthermore, women just go to the doctor more, according to a Louis Harris and Associates study that found that men avoid doctors at three times the rate of women yearly, and that a third of men don’t even have a regular physician.
  • Housing: According to the BLS, single women are ”“ once again ”“ paying disproportionate amounts for housing compared to couples and single men. Couples spend an average 23.9 percent of annual income on housing. Single men, 30.3 percent. Single women, 39.8 percent. It breaks down logically; couples can combine income, single men tend to make more money and single women are victims of the wage gap, thus the higher percentage.

It’s definitely not fair and shows bias against not just singles, but specifically single women, at an institutional level. For these reasons (and several more), it’s just harder to be financially independent as a single woman.