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Child custody, now termed parental responsibilities, according to the Colorado Judicial Branch, is of serious concern to both parents, as well as their child or children. We know just how important this decision is, and it is always difficult to wrap one’s mind around the fact that a complete stranger (a judge) will end up having the final say. However, we can help prepare your case to show your parenting strengths and your ability to provide for your child, both physically and emotionally. Please feel free to contact us today regarding this life-changing decision. Our Englewood, CO child custody lawyers are standing by to defend your rights and promote your and your child’s best interests.

Determining Child Custody Arrangements in Colorado

Child custody is not decided simply by who the child wants to live with. In fact, only when the child is of an appropriate age (usually at least 12 years old) does that even come into play. The court makes its decision based on the child’s best interests, according to statute 14-10-124, which include criteria such as the following:

  • Physical and mental health of each parent, as well as the child;
  • Which, if either, parent did the majority of the child raising and who has the strongest bond with the child;
  • Sibling and other relative relationships;
  • Adjustment to the home, community, and school;
  • Physical distance between parents;
  • Parent’s capability of encouraging the sharing of love, affection, and contact between the child and the other parent;
  • Parent’s ability to place child’s best interest above their own;
  • Parent’s history of domestic violence; and
  • Parent’s history of alcohol or drug abuse.

Visitation Rights of Noncustodial Parents

Visitation rights for parents, as well as grandparents, may be acquired through the court if the court believes that this visitation will help the emotional, psychological, and physical development of the child, and, ultimately, is in the child’s best interest. A parent with visitation rights has the legal right to spend the court-appointed time, on the specific date, with the child, and the other parent cannot legally intervene. While visitation rights do not give the noncustodial parent the ability to make legal decisions regarding their child, it does allow for the relationship to grow or continue and may be the best option available.

Work With an Englewood Child Custody Attorney Who Will Create a Case for Your Best Chance of Success

Our attorneys work closely with our clients so as to fully understand their goals, figure out how to build a strong case with the information gleaned from this close relationship, and learn who else in our clients’ lives can help illustrate the strong parenting abilities of our clients. These people include teachers, neighbors, relatives, friends, and other community members, and their say means something to the court. We work tirelessly to deliver your goals and protect your rights, and that includes putting false allegations in their place. Reach out to one of our compassionate and professional Englewood, CO child custody lawyers today for help.

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