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Divorce & Your Job ”“ Advice For Keeping Personal & Professional Life Separate


BLOG DM How can business valuators help my divorce case PHOTONo part of divorce is easy. From the initial realization to the final decree of separation, it is easy to get lost in the emotional toll of your life change. These negative feelings might not just affect you emotionally, but professionally as well, if you don’t take steps to handle them. Here are some tips to help you focus on your career while dealing with divorce.

  • Realize that strong emotional reactions are normal ”“ you will grieve in stages, and there’s nothing wrong with it.
  • Focus on productivity while at work. Resist the urge to confide in your coworkers about your problem, with the exception of your boss. Bosses or supervisors should be accommodating and understanding if you are unable to work at 100 percent capacity for some time. Other than that, avoid thinking about your divorce at work ”“ work can be a break from your personal problems.
  • Now is a good time to take care of any work you might have avoided up until this point. Tying up loose ends on work projects, planning that meeting you’ve put off ”“ putting these things behind you can help lift professional burdens to give you more room to relax at work.
  • The simplest tip for managing your divorce is to quickly contact a divorce attorney in your area. Devote some time every day after work to taking your attorney’s advice and getting your documents together. Try to maintain a routine; this structured approach can help you feel more in control.

Our Denver divorce lawyers understand the worry, fear, anger and stress of divorce and strive to relieve the stress for our clients.