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Being the parent of a child in Aurora can be a difficult but rewarding experience. Challenges, difficulties, and hardships can disrupt your life and the life of your child, however, if the court does not recognize you as the legal parent of your child. While a person in Aurora who is not the legal parent of a particular child has no obligation to financially support that child, neither can this person demand parenting time, visitation, residency, and/or any right to participate in the child’s upbringing.

Whether you are a parent wanting to see your child and participate in his or her life or you are wanting court-issued child support orders requiring the other parent of your child to help you support your child, an Aurora paternity action is the first step in accomplishing your objectives.  Take that first step with assistance from your Aurora paternity law firm, Divorce Matters®.

How Difficult is it to Establish Paternity?

Depending on your objective and the cooperation of the child’s other parent, establishing paternity and being declared the legal parent of your child is not necessarily an easy task. Where both parties agree to the parent whose paternity is questioned being declared to be the legal parent of a child, then a court order may be promptly obtained. Where one party contests the declaration of paternity, however, evidence of one of the following may be necessary to prevail:

  • Genetic testing (preferably testing that is ordered by the court) that conclusively shows that the party whose paternity is questioned is the biological parent of the child;
  • The party’s name on the child’s birth certificate creates a presumption that the person is the legal parent of the child; and/or
  • The party’s completion of a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity after the child’s birth can also create a presumption of paternity.

Finally, circumstances surrounding the couple’s activities and living arrangements before the child’s birth as well as actions the party whose paternity is questioned after the birth of the child (i.e., does the party publicly acknowledge the child as his or her own, or does the party financially provide for the child) can be informative as well.

Why You Need Assistance from an Experienced Aurora Paternity Law Firm

 The stakes are high in your Aurora paternity case: If you lose, you may be foreclosed from seeing your child and developing a parent-child relationship while your child is a minor and miss important moments and milestones in your child’s life. Or you may be precluded from seeking financial support from the individual to assist you in raising your child. Because of this, you need experienced help from a skilled Aurora paternity attorney from Divorce Matters®.

With our assistance and representation, we can increase your chances of successfully resolving your paternity dispute and doing so in a timely manner. Contact Divorce Matters® today by calling 720-463-1266. Or, reach out to us using our online contact form. Do not delay: schedule your initial consultation with us as soon as possible.

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