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Testimonials from Clients Filing For Divorce In Colorado

See What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

See why over 1,000 families have already chosen Divorce Matters® to represent them, as real Divorce Matters® clients share their experience with our firm.

What Are Men’s Rights When Going Through A Divorce In Denver, CO?

At Divorce Matters, The Client Comes First

Choosing The Correct Divorce Matters Lawyer For your Family Law Case

How Denver Family Law Firm Divorce Matters Separates Itself From The Competition.

At Divorce Matters, We Get Results For Our Clients!

Divorce Matters Offers Top-Of-The Line Service For Your Denver Divorce & Family Law Cases

Do I Need A Family Law Attorney For My Denver, CO Family Law Court Case?

The Team Approach Divorce Matters Use To Provide Quality Legal Service In Denver, CO

At Divorce Matters We Take The Term Trust Seriously When It Comes To Our Client’s Cases

Divorce is an ugly word, Justin and Tara did a solid job for me. They know the law and were very patient and professional.They broke the billing down for me and we're very fair.

Jonny Tsunami Avatar
Jonny Tsunami

Ariel Williams is a great asset to this law firm and made an impact with me and my case.

Ryan Roberts Avatar
Ryan Roberts

Bridget and her team were very professional, and answered all my questions promptly. She fought for what I wanted and we were able to come to an acceptable settlement. I would definitely recommend Bridget, her team, and divorce matters

Julie DeWolf Avatar
Julie DeWolf

The team at Divorce Matters was professional, knowledgeable, kind compassionate and over all great to work with. I would recommend them to any and all that find themselves in need of a quality legal team. Thank you Will,... read more

Gaming Brothers Avatar
Gaming Brothers

Ashlee was there to help me when I needed her the most. She got me through a tough time. I will recommend her to everyone who needs it. Thanks Ashlee, I will reach out if I need you!

Drake Penrod Avatar
Drake Penrod

My experience with Thomas Law was excellent. My attorney Ciara Anderson gave my case all the time and attention that was needed to get me through a very difficult divorce and child custody case. I would recommend anyone of the... read more

Alejandro Torres Avatar
Alejandro Torres
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