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Arapahoe County Reassigns Family Court Cases

Starting July 1, 2013, the Arapahoe County District Court will change its distribution of Family Court cases to judicial officers. All post-Decree and post-Permanent Orders matters will be assigned to the DR magistrates. The DR magistrates will also preside (from beginning to end) over all pre-Decree and pre-Permanent Orders new filings in which both parties are unrepresented at the time the petition is filed.

Petitions filed as non-contested, petitions for invalidity, and Metro Volunteer Lawyer cases will remain assigned to the DR magistrates. All pre-Decree and pre-Permanent Orders matters in which at least one party is represented at the time of filing will be assigned to the DR judges (from beginning to end). The DR judges will continue to preside over petitions for review of magistrate’s orders and over any petition for a minor’s name change.