What Can I Expect From An Initial Consultation With a Divorce Attorney?

What is an Initial Consultation? 

An initial consultation is your first meeting with your attorney in order to go over your case and see if that attorney would be the right person to represent you. It is a time for you to bring up any questions you have for them, get to know each other’s personalities, and see what strategies you could use moving forward. One thing to note, the attorney cannot give any legal advice in an initial consultation because you are not yet under a legal contract. If you move forward with hiring an attorney, then the attorney will be able to provide you with legal advice in your case.

Why is it beneficial for me?  

An initial consultation is beneficial because it gives you a chance to gain a better grasp on how to proceed with your divorce. You will be able to see if the attorney is a good fit for you and your situation, as well as talk about how much their services will cost. It is important to gather this information before hiring an attorney so that you are represented exactly the way you need and receive the best outcome for you and your family.  


What does the process after my Initial Consultation look like? 

After you have had your initial consultation and you choose to hire an attorney you will be sent a contract. Once that is signed and any retainer fees are paid, the attorney can dive into your case immediately no matter where you are at in the process. You will get their contact information, as well as their paralegal’s information, so you can begin working together. Our attorneys focus heavily on great communication with their clients, so you will never feel ignored or in the dark throughout the process. The divorce process doesn’t happen overnight, but once you have hired one of our excellent attorneys, you will be taken care of and supported every step of the way!  

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