How Can a Divorce Help Kids Grow Stronger and Healthier?

Fear of how the children will react to a divorce is one of the most common emotional responses following a separation. But divorce does not have to be a harmful experience for the children. If conducted correctly, a divorce can actually lead to positive change in the child’s life, both now and in the far future.

Witnessing a bad marriage can teach kids all of the wrong lessons about how to solve problems later in life. Studies have shown that staying together for the sake of the kids can actually be harmful in situations with high conflict marriages. By getting a divorce, you can show children that sometimes, disengagement is the best way to settle problems.

Additionally, the divorce can allow children to spend more time with each parent. Studies have shown that children in shared custody situations are often better off than children raised by a single parent (which we blogged about a few weeks ago).

Marital strife has also been proven to follow children for years. One 2012 study by the University of Notre Dame found that parents fighting in front of children could lead to depression, anxiety and behavioral problems when the children reach adolescence. A divorce could remove the fighting, or at the very least keep the child out of it.

Children of divorce most often develop into well-adjusted adults with no lasting psychological or behavioral problems. They are just as able to achieve educational and professional goals as children of married couples are. A conflict-laden marriage, on the other hand, can put the child’s future in jeopardy. As hard as it may be, sometimes divorce is the best option, both for you and for your children. If you have any questions about divorce and the best approach to protect the kids, speak with a family law attorney.

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