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We understand how much of the divorce process is emotional, and the legal aspects may not seem as important in the beginning. But without the right legal representation, your case could take longer and be more emotionally and financially draining than it needs to be. With a good Peyton divorce lawyer on your side, you will get not only legal advice regarding all aspects of your separation but also a partner you can trust will fight for you.

How We Can Help

  • Divorce – As a no-fault state, you don’t need the consent of your spouse to file for divorce in Colorado. The requirements for filing for divorce in Peyton include that one of the spouses has resided in Colorado for 91 days before the start of the divorce proceedings and that the marriage is irretrievably broken.
  • Alimony/ Maintenance – Spousal maintenance is never a guarantee in a Colorado divorce case as many factors can influence this. With a good Peyton divorce attorney on with side, you can ensure that you are getting a fair amount or that the alimony you have to pay won’t cause financial strain.
  • Child Custody – When we discuss child custody with our clients, Peyton Law Firm put the best interest of the child first and of the family as a whole. We strive to find solutions that involve both parents when possible and work best for the child.
  • Child Support – One way family Law Attorneys in Peyton help parents navigate the difficulties of a divorce is by ensuring that they will get adequate child support orders.
  • Division of Assets – Tensions can run high while deciding the division of assets. We believe it’s better to negotiate and reach an amicable agreement with the help of a Peyton divorce attorney, rather than let a judge make this decision for you. However, if litigation is necessary our Peyton Law Firm attorneys have the court experience required to fight for a fair settlement.
  • Domestic Violence – Domestic violence is a serious charge and its effects can ripple into every aspect of both the victim’s and the perpetrator’s life. Our lawyers are fully aware of the delicate nature of these charges and will help you find a solution that will ensure your safety.
  • Meditation – There’s no secret that divorces are time and cost-consuming, not to mention the stress of having to go through the emotional aspects of divorce. That is why we work hard during mediation to try and find amicable solutions that meet our clients’ goals.
  • Prenup – Signing a prenuptial agreement is a big decision that can have a great impact on your life. A Peyton Law Firm lawyer can help you understand the terms of the prenup, what it involves, and how you can protect your rights.


The Divorce Matters® Difference

We believe the most difficult step should be picking up the phone and calling. From there on, a Peyton Divorce Lawyer specializing in family law will be the one taking on the process, so you can focus on what matters most – your future. Divorce Matters® is a Colorado-proud family law firm that has helped countless people divorce with dignity and start building a better future.