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Milliken Divorce Lawyer

If you are facing the possibility of going through a divorce, you need an experienced Milliken divorce lawyer on your side fighting for your rights. Divorce Matters® is an award-winning family law firm that can help you divorce with confidence and get a fresh start.

Our family law attorneys understand how difficult the divorce process can be, and have helped guide thousands of Coloradans, including Milkiken residents like you, through the divorce process and begin to establish the groundwork for a better future.

Our team is comprised of skilled family law attorneys who are well-versed in how to successfully handle the dissolution of marriage cases – from simple to complex. We proudly provide expert guidance concerning the following matters:

  • Division of Marital Property – When a Colorado couple divorces, their marital property must be divided. The rule in Colorado is that marital property must be divided equitably, but not necessarily 50/50. A Divorce Matters family law attorney can help you determine what equitable is for you!
  • Spousal Maintenance (Alimony) – Our divorce attorneys will make sure that your best interests are always considered if spousal maintenance is part of your divorce, ensuring any settlement is fair and equitable. If you are curious about how maintenance may be calculated in your case, check out the free Divorce Matters Spousal Maintenance Calculator!
  • Child Custody – Child custody can be an extremely sensitive and complex proceeding. At Divorce Matters, we consider it our professional obligation to help Milliken’s parents address their custody issues in a way that ensures everyone involved gets the best possible results!
  • Child Support – The family law attorneys at Divorce Matters are intimately familiar with how to calculate child support payments using the Colorado child support guidelines. If you’re curious what child support would look like in your case, you can use Divorce Matters’ free Child Support Calculator!
  • Mediation & Arbitration – Increasingly, divorcing couples are using two forms of alternative dispute resolution called mediation and arbitration to come to a more civil divorce agreement. At Divorce Matters, we encourage mediation and arbitration and diligently represent our clients’ interests during these proceedings!
  • Domestic Violence – Many people who seek our help are victims of domestic violence. Our family law attorneys are experts at recognizing domestic violence and serving our clients who have been victims of domestic violence in a way that serves them.
  • Prenuptial Agreements – A prenuptial agreement is a contract signed before marriage stipulating how property will be divided if the marriage fails. No longer taboo, prenuptial agreements are widely recognized as benefitting marriages and minimizing the cost and headache of a divorce. At Divorce Matters, we are happy to offer prenuptial negotiations for our Milliken clients!

The divorce lawyers at Divorce Matters have over 100 years of combined legal experience. We are committed to being strong and compassionate advocates who continually strive for integrity and excellence in all we do. Contact us today to see what a Milliken divorce lawyer can do for you.