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Castle Rock Divorce Lawyer

A divorce is one of the most challenging things that will ever happen in your life but you don’t have to go it alone. An experienced Castle Rock divorce lawyer is here to help you. We will guide you through the divorce process and make the experience easier for you, knowing you have representation on your side. Whether you’re divorcing your spouse or have been served with divorce papers, we can help you get through this troubling time.

Our experienced divorce attorneys in Castle Rock will fight for your rights and ensure that your divorce and separation go smoothly.

We specialize in every aspect of family law, including:

  • Divorce – From filing for divorce to wrapping up your divorce agreement, we will fight for your best interests and help you make the right decisions throughout the entire process of marital separation.
  • Maintenance – Spousal support is a big part of divorce agreements. Whether you are required to pay or entitled to receive maintenance, you can trust Divorce Matters to secure the best possible outcome for you.
  • Child custody – When are children affected by divorce things can get emotional and confusing. Our team of Castle Rock Divorce Attorneys is dedicated to protecting your children and your rights in child custody situations. Our goal is to handle child custody issues in a manner that reduces the impact of divorce as much as possible for everyone involved.
  •  Child support – With our decades of experience in family law, our Castle Rock divorce attorneys will ensure that your children get the support they need – both now and in the future.
  • Division of assets – An equitable division of marital assets does not always mean the property is divided 50-50. Our team of Castle Rock divorce attorneys will ensure that your best interests are protected.
  • Domestic violence – Our team of expert lawyers will defend your rights and keep your family safe during divorces that involve domestic violence and abuse.
  • Mediation – Mediation can save you time and streamline the process of coming to a divorce agreement. Our team of experienced divorce attorneys in Castle Rock can help you get through the mediation process.
  • Prenup – A prenuptial agreement from Divorce Matters is a powerful way to protect your assets before entering a new marriage.

A Castle Rock Divorce Lawyer at Divorce Matters will help you through the process of your divorce by putting all our experience to work on your behalf. We vow to always put you first and work tirelessly for your best interests in everything we do.

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